Mahiliou Regional Court upholds verdict to Babruisk resident

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 6 February, Babruisk resident Artsiom Markhasiou received an official ruling by Mahiliou Regional Court on his appeal against a 700,000-fine for alleged violation of the Mass Events Code requirements of 22 December.

“The case was considered by Judge Siarhei Koneu, who supported the decision by Babrusik Court. In fact, the paper even repeats the wordings heard from Judge Tatsiana Tarabuyeva. Meanwhile, in my appeal, I stressed the disagreement between the testimonies by various policemen. However, Mr. Koneu said that “the irregularities are minor ones” and “do not question” the ruling by Babruisk Court. Thus, my arguments and claims have been found “groundless” and I will have to pay 700,000 rubles for lighting a candle on Dziady”, says Artsiom Markhasiou.