Mechyslau Hryb wins case vs. Belarus at UN

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The UN Human Rights Committee ruled in favor of the individual communication of Mechyslau Hryb concerning the violation of his legal rights by the Republic of Belarus.

The matter is that in 1996 Mechyslau Hryb had left the position of the head of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus and pursued the career of a barrister in one of the city district branches of the Minsk City Bar.

In July 1997 he successfully passed an extra-schedule exam for the right to continue his practice. However, he wasn't issued with a license for receiving administrative punishment as a participant of  an unauthorized procession on the Constitution Day which was considered as a “violation of lawyer's ethics”.

Mechyslau Hryb appealed the deprivation of the license at all national court instances and then filed an individual communication with the UN with the aid of lawyers of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

According to the ruling of the Human Rights Committee, the Republic of Belarus violated the rights of Mr. Hryb to expression and peaceful assemblies.