Mother of death convict Uladzislau Kavaliou writes complaints

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Liubou Kavaliova applied for permission to meet with her son after the end of the trial, according to which he and Dzmitry Kanavalau were found guilty of committing the terrorist act in the Minsk metro on 11 April and a number of other crimes. She wanted to tell Uladzislau that she didn't believe that he was guilty and express support to him, as she was given just 30 minutes for a talk with him on 2 December.

Uladzislau's sister, Tatsiana, was given even less time – just 10 minutes. However, according to the legislation a short-term meeting can last up to three hours. The mother considers the groundless limitation of the time of the meetings as a violation of her son's writes, and has filed an appropriate appeal with the General Procuracy.

Another appeal concerns the conditions in which he is kept in prison: on 5 December Liubou Kavaliova had passed a food parcel to the the son, but he still hasn't received it by the end of the previous week.

Liubou Kavaliova thinks that her son is kept in a separate cell, handcuffed to the plank-bed: at night they handcuff him by two hands, and in the daytime he is handcuffed just by one hand. She also says that Uladzislau lost much weight and looks bad – most probably because he is not lead out for walks.

“Another problem is getting the power of attorney for dealing with the son's affairs. The lawyer passed it to the KGB prison for verification. I was told that I could get the document at the permits bureau at 10 a.m. on 8 December. However, when I came there I was told that nobody knew about this paper. That's why I also composed appeals with the General Procuracy and the Supreme Court,” said Liubou Kavaliouva.

On 9 December it became known that the document had been found, but there were some problems with its signing, as it concerned not the property rights of the convict, but the power of making addresses to human rights institutions, etc.

The parents of the other convict, Dzmitry Kanavalau, still haven't shown any activity – they don't try to meet with the son or pass anything for him to the KGB jail. Liubou Kavaliova, who lives near them, can still see a car with some people watching at the entrance of their house. Moreover, people in plain clothes still escort them everywhere. She doesn't know the reasons why Kanavalau's family is guarded while her family is not.

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