Babruisk: trial postponed

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The second hearing on the case of the “Young Democrats” Alena and Dzmitry Toustsiks, Maryna Ivanova and Artsiom Markhasiou, who had lit candles on Ancestors' Commemoration Day, 2 November, was to have taken place today, on 7 December.

However, the trial was postponed because only one out of four accused came there.

“Alena is in a hospital, with her child, Maryna has some other problems as well, and Dzmitry's phone doesn't answer”, said Artsiom Mikhasiou. “The priest Aliaksandr Paluyan, whom we invited as an expert on our case, said he was ill. That's why I solicited for postponement of the trial to another day. The motion was satisfied – the next sitting will take place at 11 a.m. on 16 December.”

The parents and relatives have been looking for Dzmitry Toustsik since yesterday. His phone doesn't answer. Two days ago his room was searched by the police. His relatives and colleagues don't rule out that he can be kept at a police department.