Babruisk: police warn Alena Toustsik

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Alena Toustsik, one of the detained at the commemorative action held on 2 November, has been invited to a meeting with the police during two last days. The woman refused to meet, as her 2.5-year-old child was ill with bronchitis.

As a result, police major Siarhei Rudzko and another policeman, who didn’t introduce himself, came to the apartment. They drew up two violation reports against her for participation in the action. In the first report she was asked to explain once again why she walked with a lit candle, with whom and what for. This report completely repeated the previous one, which had been drawn up during the detention.

“In the other paper it was written that I participated in a procession with many people, and major Rudzko asked me to sign it”, said Alena Toustsik. “I asked how I could sign it if it wasn’t true! There were just four people. Then he walked out of the apartment and brought a janitor. He read this paper in her presence and they signed that they were familiarized with its content. I don’t know why it was done. I understand only one thing: we will be tried for candles, probably as “organizers of a n unauthorized action,” she added.