Hrodna: search at Maksim Hubarevich'a apartment

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In the evening of 10 November a search was conducted at the residential address of a member of the BPF Council, Maksim Hubarevich. The search was conducted in his absence and came to an end before his arrival. Nothing was taken away as a result.

Most probably, the formal reason for the search is the criminal case which was instigated against Maksim Hubarevich and two other BPF member, Ales Kalita and Siarzhuk Semianiuk, for alleged beating a guard in the building where the BPF Minsk office was situated in August 2011. The case was suspended, and was reopened several days ago.

According to Hubarevich, there is no need in holding any searches on this case, that's why he considers this action as nothing but psychological pressurization.

Two investigators have changed in this case so far. At present, Hubarevich is summoned for confrontation with a witness by the third one – investigator Zapasnik.