Destruction of historical heritage in Slonim and Vitsebsk

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Mechyslau Kastsiuk, now a member of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assemblies of Belarus, headed the Slonim District Executive Committee in 2002-2008. A monument of wooden architecture, mansion on Chkalov Street, was destroyed during this time. The mansion was situated in a small public garden. It was constructed in 1923 and followed the traditions in the construction of mansions of 18-19 centuries. Though it was ruined, the mansion is still present in the local register of monuments of architecture.

During the rule of Mechyslau Kastsiuk, Vialiakakrakotskaya village library-museum of Yanka Kupala, established in 1927, was closed down. The library existed for 80 years and survived wars, occupation and repressions, but didn't manage to outlive the present authorities.

Destruction of the historical heritage continues under the present Chair of the Slonim District Executive Committee: a Caroline lime was cut down on his permission in the Puslouskis' Park in the Albiartsin suburb of Slonim.

Similar things take place in Vitsebsk: an excavator has dug a trench in the historical center of the city, on Svaboda Square. This territory is a historical and cultural value of the Republic of Belarus. Four years ago a criminal case had been instigated for earthworks in this place.

The excavator takes out the remnants of the foundations of old buildings. The process is not observed by any archaeologists, though they were to have observed such works (if they are officially permitted at all).

St. Antony's Church and Bernardine monastery were situated in this place. During the previous time, the remnants of the foundation of the Jesuit monastery and St. Joseph's Church had been damaged, but nobody has been punished for it so far.

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