Sharkaushchyna: detention of journalist Kastys Shytal

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 October independent journalist Kastus Shytal was hitchhiking to his home town, Dzisna. The car in which he was sitting was stopped by the police. He was told that he resembled the man who war robbing cars on the road Hlybokaye-Sharkaushchyna.

After this the police made him get into their car. At first he was taken to Sharkaushchyna, allegedly to show him the stolen things. Then he was taken to the Miyory District Police Department. Nobody talked to him there for 90 minutes. Then his personal information was put down. The journalist considers it as an attempt to intimidate him before the tomorrow's action. By the way, information about the preparation to the People's Assembly in Dzisna and the pressurization of its organizers was placed at the website, one of whose journalists Kastus is.