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Ivan Shyla to spend 22 days in jail

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The Horki District Court sentenced Ivan Shyla, a Salihorsk-based activist of the Young Front, to 20 days of arrest, for participation in the picket near the penal colony where the Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkevich is serving his two-year term, being subject to cruel and degrading treatment by the colony administration.

14 people had been detained during the picket, most of them had been sentenced to imprisonment. Ivan  Shyla asked to provide him with advocatory services and was released till trial. He didn't come to the trial on 8 August and was judged in absentia. The judge found him guilty of participation in an unauthorized action and insubordination to the police and sentenced him to 10 days of jail for each of these “violations”.

Earlier Ivan had been sentenced to 18 days of imprisonment for participation in the silent protest actions that were held on Wednesdays this summer. However, he was hospitalized two days before the end of his arrest term.

That's why he will have to spend 22 days behind bars. Now Ivan Shyla studies in Poland. It is not known when he will come to Belarus to serve the prison term.