Chronicle of silent revolution: 6 July

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

During the 6 July action the Minsk blocked the grounds where participants of the silent protests wanted to gather. In particular, residents of the Frunzenski district were recommended to gather near the Ice Palace in Prytytski Street, but all ways to it were blocked by law-machinery officers.

More than 400 participants of silent protest actions were detained all over Belarus, about 190 of them – in Minsk. About 20 people were taken to the Partyzanski District Police Department of Minsk, about 20 – in the Pershamaiski DPD, abut 25 – in the Frunzenski DPD, about 30 – in the Zavadski DPD, about 31 – in the Leninski DPD, about 15 – in the Savetski DPD, about 20 – in the Kastrychnitski DPD and about 35 – in the Maskouski DPD.

As we learned at 9 a.m. on 7 July, 17 people were transported to the prison in Akrestsin Street from the Kastrychnitski DPD, 15 – from the Maskouski DPD, 3 – from the Partyzanski DPD and 8 – from the Zavadski DPD. According to volunteers, minors and elderly women were released from the Minsk DPDs late at night. Some of them were also taken away by the ambulance.

As it became known, three people in civvies detained Aliaksandr Ziankovich, born in 1982, who was riding a bicycle and taking a video of what was going on. The detainee was taken to the Savetski DPD, as well as Marta Shmatava and Vitold Ziankevich.

Here are the lists of detainees:

The Frunzenski District Police Department
Barys Sidarenka.

The Kastrychnitski District Police Department
About 20 people were kept there, including
Halina Hancharyk, 68 years old, has heart illnesses;
Aliaksandr Mishakou;
Kanstantsin Myslitski;
Sviatlana (an elderly woman);
Hanna Zhul (an ambulance was called for her);

The Leninski District Police Department
1. Astapovich;
2. Badrahin;
3. Baradko;
4. Bialko;
5. Brouchanka;
6. Kapanin;
7. Karpovich;
8. Kazlova;
9. Kraiko;
10. Kuis;
11. Makhina;
12. Marozava;
13. Niamtsou;
14. Papliouka;
15. Parmon;
16. Reut;
17. Serbin;
18. Sobaleu;
19. Tsarliukevich;
20. Tsymbrouski;
21. Varabei;
22. Vasiliieva;
23. Zhykh.

The journalists Andrei Aleksandrovich, Alena Dubovik and Aliaksandr Yarashevich, two minors, a mother with two small girls and two parents with a disabled son were released from the DPD.

The Maskouski District Police Department
1. Krystsina Adelkhanava;
2. Pavel Dashkevich;
3. Aliaksandr Hitsko;
4. Andrei Ihnatchyk;
5. Mikhail Kostka;
6. Ales Krasouski;
7. Siarhei Kreida;
8. Aliaksei Kurpenka;
9. Uladz Lobau (younger brother of political prisoner Eduard Lobau);
10. Pavel Paluyeu;
11. Nastsia Prahanava (under age);
12. Aliaksei Sipachou;
13. Illia Tukhai;
14. Pavel Yermaliuk;
15. Andrei Zakhareuski.

The Partyzanski District Police Department
Andrei Levikouo

The Pershamaiski District Police Department
1. Mikhail Baranchyk;
2. Barodkin;
3. Yury Danilau;
4. Yuliia Harchankova;
5. Aleh Hruzdzilovich (journalist);
6. Siarhei Kalasouski;
7. Latushkin;
8. Yaraslau Likhacheuski;
9. Raman Malakhouski;
10. Viktar Melnikau (father);
11. Yan Melnikau (son);
12. Katsiaryna Sadouskaya (and ambulance was called for her);
13. Yuliya Savich;
14. Aliaksei Tsiarents’yeu;
15. Vasiliieu;
16. Valery Vishneuski.

8.20 Yauhen Shapchyts and journalist of the European Radio for Belarus Andrei Yeliseyeu were detained. The police tried to break his camera.

The Savetski District Police Department
Aliaksei Burau;
Siarhei Kuntsevich;
Anton Ruleu.

Zavadski District Police Department
1. Vital Badryianets;
2. Aleh Baniuk;
3. Aleh Dashchynski (journalist);
4. Yauhen Karuselik;
5. Aliaksandr Kudlayeu;
6. Ihar Kudlayeu;
7. Siarhei Kutsuk (journalist);
8. Ivan Marozau;
9. Siarhei Myshytska;
10. Yuliya Pashkevich;
11. Ihar Rumantsou;
12. Pavel Shcharbakou;
13. Vasil Shcharbakou;
14. Pavel Shybko;
15. Mikhail Shylko;
16. Anatol Sytsko;
17. Maksim Viniarski;
18. Katsiaryna Yerusalimskaya.
Under-aged Karvayeu was released from the DPD.

4.45 p.m. Paddy wagons stood in the yards in Peramozhtsy Avenue. Drivers in civvies are removing the number plates.

6.35 Three police busses with “people in mufti” were hidden near the National Library (the place of gathering for dwellers of the Pershamaiski district of Minsk). The traffic movement is restricted on Nezalezhnasts Avenue.

7.10 The detentions started. Several youngsters were seized at the crossing of Nezalezhnasts Avenue and Lenin Street and led into a yard. People in mufti kept duty near the exits of the metro stations Kastrychnitskaya and Kupalauskaya. Police busses stood on Niamiha Street and near the City Hall.

7.25 Journailst Vadzim Zamirouski was detained on Kastrychnitskaya Square.

7.48 The leader of the fan movement Dinamo-Minsk Anatol Khamenka was detained by people in civvies on the metro station Frunzenskaya. He was taken into a paddy wagon.

8.00 about 10 people were detained near the Ice Palace on Prytytski Street, including photo correspondent Anton Matolka.

8.05 Journalist Yahor Martsinovich was detained. Journalists Aleh Hruzdzilovich (Radio Liberty) and Uladzimir Marozau (born in 1958) were detained near the National Library. The police tell visitors of the Hipa supermarket and participants of the silent protest action that the supermarket was mined and they should go away.

8.50 Police detained the human rights defender Katsiaryna Sadouskaya. Maksim Lomakin, cameraman of the Moscow BBC bureau, was hospitalized with a brain concussion.

About 5-60 people took part in the action which was dispersed by riot police. 23 people were detained.

Dzmitry Makarevich and Liudmila Prakopava, journalists of the Intex-Press newspaper, despite having all necessary documents. All in all, the police detained 12 people:
1. Artsiom Babii
2. Alena Kamarova;
3. Zmitser Kuzmenkou;
4. Artsiom Lastavetski;
5. Dzmitry Makarevich;
6. Aleh Mahzeyeu;
7. Yuliya Nikitsina
8. her 5-year-old daughter
9. Liudmila Prakopava;
10. Mikalai Saveliieu
11. Valery Shyla
12. Zmitser Siarheyeu.

The Siamionaus (two parents and a two-year-old child) were detained for walking on the central square. A car arrived and started playing an mp3 recording of applause. However, soon a traffic police car came there as well.}

Tamara Shchapiotkina, correspondent for Radio Racyja, was detained on Lenin Street by the police major Viktar Ivaniuk and two people in civvies, who didn’t introduce themselves. She was released in 50 minutes.

Ten people came out to the square in the town of Biarozauka in the Lida district, and one more was detained preventively, for a “prophylactic talk”, and was released after the end of the action.

About 200 people came to the action. Ten minutes before its beginning the police detained the head of the Brest region organization of the Belarusian Popular Front Viktar Klimus and took him to the Leninski DPD of Brest. The police found 20 tents for a youth summer camp in his car. Viktar Chaikouski, a representative of the entrepreneurs’ organization Perspective, and four other people were detained as well.

At 8.30 p.m. nine detainees were taken to the Leninski DPD of Brest, including Yury Batsuk, a coordinator of the Young Belarus, Stanislau Fitsko, the Chair of the district organization of individual entrepreneurs of the Free Trade Union of Belarus, and Maksim Khliabets, and activist of the Young Democrats.

About 15 people came to the action. There were more policemen than protesters. As soon as one man started taking photos, a police car arrived. The police detained him.

According to Kastus Shytal, a correspondent for Nasha Niva, some 4-5 people were detained, including the editor of the local private socio-political newspaper Vestki-infa Zmitser Lupach.

All ways to Lenin Square were blocked by the police, who checked the passport. Gigantic traffic jams were created as a result. At least three people were detained, including an actor of the drama theater, Yasia trots.

About 300 people took part in the action. They stood along Savetskaya Street. Two paddy wagons and three police cars arrived. Policemen and people in civvies started seizing protesters. The central square was blocked by the police. The detentions were very rude, even when women and children were detained. All in all, about 60 people were detained, including Agnieszka Lichnierowicz, a correspondent with the Polish radio TOK FM. Another journalist, correspondent with Vecherniy Grodno Polina Zhuravlyova, felt bad after she was thrown on the ground and was hospitalized. According to professor Ales Astrouski who was released from the police department, there were 33 detainees including him. However, he didn’t known how many detainees there were, because they were taken to the DPD in several busses. All detainees were fingerprinted and given charges.

About 8 people came to the square, including two students. At about 7.15 a man in civvies arrived by a car. He went out and started phoning somewhere. Soon two policemen came out, asked the students to show their documents and then detained them.

More than 35 people were detained. The official reason for the detentions was that “a crime was committed nearby”.

Two policemen came to Aliaksandr Simanovich’s apartment at 5 p.m. The activist phoned to human rights defender Barys Bukhel and told him about it. Simanovich was guarded to the Leninski DPD of Mahiliou. Other civil activist from Mahiliou started getting sms-messages: “I advise you to stay at home today not to be arrested”. 12 people were detained.

Mar’ina Horka
10 people went out, one of them was detained and released after a “prophylactic talk” with the head of the Pukhavichy DPD.

200 people went out in Navapolatsk. They managed to proceed along Maladziozhnaya Street. Viktar Marozau was detained.

Lenin Square was blocked. Traffic police cleared the adjacent parking lots from cars.

It was raining during the action. 17 people gathered, 11 of them were subject to “prophylactic talks”. One of them, Anatol Balakir, was detained and charged under Article 23.34 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, “participation in unauthorized mass event”. He will be tried on 13 July.

8 people were detained near Lenin Square, including Uladzimir Maliarchuk. All of them were guarded to the Vialeika District Police Department.

At about 7.45 p.m. the police detained Uliiana Khlashchankova and Usevalad Zhurauliou. According to them, there were about 20 detainees at the Kastrychnitski DPD of Vitsebsk. Uliiana was released only because she had a baby at home. Among the detainees there were also the members of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Party Zmitser Pcholkin and Usevalad Zhurauliou and an activist of the Belarusian Popular Front, Kanstantsin Khalmachou.