Public utilities don’t agree to voluntary settlement with Belarusian Popular Front

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

As BelaPAN informs, on 4 May the public utility of the Savetski district of Minsk refused to sign a voluntary settlement with the public association BPF Adradzhenne in the Minsk Economic Court regarding leasing the organization’s central office. The central office of the BPF Adradzhenne public association, BPF party and their organizational structures has been located on Masherau Avenue, 8 (former Varvashenia Street) since 1993.

Lawyer for the BPF Uladzimir Labkovich offered a voluntary settlement during the trial. According to him, the organization agreed to stricter rules of paying for the office lease. “We are ready to discuss any amendments to the contract,” he said.

A representative of the public utility did not agree to a voluntary settlement. “We just need these premises. We are not going to rent it out any more,” she said.

On 4 May, the Economic Court of Minsk dismissed the lawsuit of the BPF Adradzhenne and BPF party against the public utility of the Saverski district of Minsk regarding the extension of the office rent contract.

On 10 May the Economic Court is to consider a lawsuit of the public utility against the BPF party concerning evicting the organization from the office.

The term of lease of the premises on Masherau Avenue, 8 where offices of the BPF party, the BPF Adradzhenne public association and their organizational structures are situated, expired on 31 March.

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