Lawyer: There's no corpus delicti in Bashura's case

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The certificate allegedly forged by Mikhas Bashura did not influence the bank's decision on whether to provide him credit. This was informed today in court by the "Belarusbank" employee Iryna Shytsik. She said the salaries of other guarantors were big enough to receive credit.

Let us remind you, another court trial against the "Tell the Truth" activist Mikhas Bashura has been resumed on October 18. He is accused of document forgery during obtaining credit for accomodation.

Mikhas Bashura's lawyer Tamara Sidarenka considers there is no corpus delicti in Bashura's case, as she commented to Euroradio.

Sidarenka: "The credit agreement would be made in any case whether there had been certificate with such incomes, lower incomes, or no incomes at all. In the part of credit obtaining this certificate is not important as it is the common income of several persons that matters. I will claim there is no corpus delicti here, even if he did it on purpose".

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