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Threats to Natallia Radzina continue

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Anonymous threats to the journalist of appear daily from the day of Aleh Biabenin’s death.

The threats come in the form of commentaries to articles of the site They say that Aleh Biabenin was the first journalist of the site who was killed and the others are on the list. Here is some of the threats: ‘One paparazzi has been killed, your turn will come, dregs …’, ‘If you yelp, soon all of you will be killed, as one scum had already been, one traitor of RB…’, ‘Moderator, if you think, that you are unknown, and you are sitting in Russia, that everything will be all right, you are mistaken. We’ll see you, when it will be officially allowed to kill the small-minded. We’ll get acquainted personally …’

‘Earlier the threats appeared constantly but with some periodicity, several times a year. After Aleh’s death threats appear every day. All this is only strengthening our suspicions, that Biabenin was killed. The effect of these threats is reverse. One can’t intimidate us. We will continue working anyway, and the bastards, who write this, sooner or later will answer for all’, - Natallia Radzina stated.


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