Protestant Pastor asks Ministry of Justice to check professional qualification of judge

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On 13 July, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, Pastor of the Protestant Church New Generation Uladzimir Kachahur addressed the Ministry of Justice with the request to check the professional qualification of Judge Valery Ramanouski.

Earlier, the judge fined the pastor 700,000 rubles for the masses the latter had allegedly served in the place of his residence.

’Ramanouski’s verdict was reversed by the regional court that didn’t see the violations that had been allegedly discovered by him. The case was returned to the Navahradak District Court and was reviewed by another judge, Larysa Samasiuk, who didn’t find such violations either and closed the case because of absence of the corpus delicti. That’s why I have a question: is Mr. Ramanouski a normal judge? Let them check his vocational fitness, as he can damage the interests of other people otherwise,’ commented Mr. Kachahur.

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