Court dismissed Yury Varonezhtsau's lawsuit

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Yury Varonezhtsau

Yury Varonezhtsau

Ryhor Dzmitrenka, Chairperson of the Tsentralny District Court of Homel, returned without consideration the lawsuit that had been filed by the civil and political activist Yury Varonezhtsau against the Police Department of the Homel Region Executive Committee and advised the plaintiff to apply to procuracy.

In this lawsuit Mr. Varonezhtsau asked the court to oblige the police officers to return to his family $5,400 and the personal belongings that had been seized during a search and had no relation to any criminal cases.

Bear in mind, that on 18 May searches had been conducted at the apartment of Yu.Varonezhtsau and tens of other activists of the civil campaign Speak Truth on the basis of a ruling of an investigator of the Leninski District Police Department of Minsk, Viktoryia Yukhnevich, under Article 250 of the Criminal Code, ‘dissemination of false information about goods and services’.

It is quite interesting that the politician has already applied to procuracy, which didn’t bring any results, and mentioned it in the lawsuit. Strangely enough, the court advises him to apply there once again. However, the politician intends to appeal the refusal of the district court to consider his lawsuit at a higher court.

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