Harassment of Union of Poles continues

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An investigator of the Valozhyn District Police department, Shulha, informed Teresa Sobol, former head of the Polish House in Ivianets, that the criminal case against her was still open, but the accusation article was changed. Earlier the activist of the unrecognized Union of Poles in Belarus was charged with official abuses by a group of persons, whereas now the case concerns only her.

Andrei Pachobut, Chairperson of the main council of the UPB, is convinced that the actions of the Belarusian law-enforcement agencies are provocative and aimed at harassment and intimidation of UPB activists:

’The authorities politicized the situation of the Union of Poles to the utmost extent. They don’t want to show their weakness and confess that they have lost, that’s why they are using such means and forces,’ he said.

Bear in mind, that Teresa Sobol is accused of having received financial support from the Polish side in 2004, being one of the most active members of the UPB at that time.

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