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Belarusian internet cafes bound to store users’ browsing history

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

This requirement is contained in the decree of the government number 647 of 29 April 2010.

The changes in the Regulations on the order of work of computer clubs and Internet cafes have been made because of the Decree number 60 "On measures for improvement of the use of the national segment of the Internet", informs.

Since 1 July it would be possible to go online in an Internet cafe only after personal identification of the user, which is made thanks to a document of identification, or with the use of other means which would allow unambiguous identification of the visitor (personal club card, access card and so on).

The director of the Internet cafe or a person authorized by him provides registering and storage of the personal data of users (mane, surname, type and number of the document, the name of the authority that had issued it); information about the time of beginning and end of the session; the electronic journal in which identification data about subscriber units is contained (MAC-address, internal and external IP-addresses), the date, time and domain names or IP-addresses of internet resources which the user accessed.

Storage of the information is done by the head of the computer club or an Internet-cafe or a person authorized by him, for one year since rendering of a service. The director or the authorized person should take measures to protect the data from disclosure, loss or modification.

Agencies carrying out investigative activities, prosecution and preliminary investigation agencies, the KGB, tax agencies and courts can request personal data of users.

Internet-cafes must inform visitors that the information services are carried out only after personal identification of the user. This information should be placed in a convenient place for everyone to see.

Public Internet access points face the analogous requirements to identify users and store personal data under the government’s decree# 646 of 29 April 2010.

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