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The chairman of the Constitutional Court sanctions mass-scale fingerprinting of Belarusians

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At a press-conference in Minsk the chairman of the Constitutional Court Piatro Miklashevich has made a statement: ‘The Constitutional Court does not see any violations of citizens’ constitutional rights in fingerprinting’.

As said by him, after terrorism has become ‘a real threat to security of citizens all over the world, appropriate measures are started to be taken at the level of the state’.

‘During my recent visit to Cape Town when passing screening in the airport of Istanbul I experienced a rather unpleasant procedure during which I had to take off my shoes. Despite of my diplomatic passport and status, like all others I had to pass through such control,’ P.Miklashevich said.

Earlier Interior Affairs Minister Uladzimir Navumau addressed the Security Council and the Council of Ministers with a proposal to amend the law on state fingerprinting registration, which would sanction fingerprinting of all obligated for military service. The minister wanted to impose such measures in connection with a blast of a self-made explosive device at the crossing of Masherau and Victors Avenues on 4 July during the concert on Independence Day.

It should be noted that Navumau started illegal massive fingerprinting of male population of Belarus before the answer was received. The initiative of Navumau was supported by Prosecutor Ryhor Vasilevich. It should be stressed that under the law in force fingerprinting is voluntary, with the exception of several occasions.

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