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Slonim: procuracy checks the legality of the activities of a precinct election commission

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Hrodna oblast procuracy has started a check-up of the legality of the actions of the secretary and the head of a precinct election commission belonging to Slonim election constituency. A former candidate for MP, member of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Ivan Sheha believes that the results of the voting were falsified at this precinct.

That’s why after the election Mr. Sheha addressed Slonim inter-district procuracy with the demand that the results of the election at the precinct were checked. According to the official information, only 21 electors voted for the oppositionist, whereas later about 70 people made written statements that they had voted for Sheha.

However, according to the plaintiff, the officers of the procuracy implement their duties only formally. ‘The deputy head of the commission was summonsed to the procuracy. Having questioned him, the procuracy officers ‘concluded’ that there hadn’t been any law violation. I consider it as their reluctance to implement their office duties.’

As a result Ivan Sheha had to address the General Procuracy to demand a new check-up. The General Procuracy ordered Hrodna oblast procuracy to hold such a check-up. At the same time, Slonim district court considers the case, the materials of which can give sufficient reasons for charging the chairman and the secretary of the precinct commission with falsification of the election results. Ivan Sheha demands from the chairman and the secretary of the commission 20 million rubles in moral damages for insult which manifested in falsification of the election.

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