Mahiliou: Observer not admitted to session of district election commission

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Observer from BPF Adradzhennie Tatsiana Bulanava was not admitted to the session of the election commission in district # 84. 

According to Tatsiana, the chair of the commission told her they had received a list of registered parties and organizations from the deputy head of Mahiliou justice department. She claimed BPF Adradzhennie was not on the list. 

“The chair of the commission asked me, if the NGO had been re-registered, and said, if it had, I needed to provide the original copies of the registration documents to her. Only after that she would allow me to attend the sessions”, Tatsiana Bulanava says. 

Head of the regional organization of BPF Adradzennie Ryhor Kastusiou points out, most likely the commission does not want independent observers, especially from BPF Adradzhennie, to attend the sessions. 

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