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Film from Bahusheuskaya tuberculosis hospital passed to State Control Committee

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While Adryian Bokhan, had of the financial investigations department of the State Control Committee, was accepting citizens at Talochyn district executive committee, Mikalai Piatrushenka, correspondent of the Narodnaya Volia newspaper, passed to him a CD with a film concerning the unsatisfactory dwelling conditions at Bahusheuskaya tuberculosis hospital.

The demand to conduct a check-up concerning the expenditure of the financial means, provided by the state program Tuberculosis, was attached to the disk. According to Piatrushenka, the film shows a terrible picture of the conditions in which the people ill with tuberculosis have to live. After watching this film the main medical officer of Vitsebsk oblast Valery Khadzhayeu will either have to resign or bring his careless subordinates to account.

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