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Video from Freedom Day action not returned to Lithuanian journalists

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‘There’s still no answer from the Belarusian side to the demand of the Lithuanian national television (LRT) to return the video cassette with shootings of the Freedom Day action that has been confiscated by the police on 25 March and compensate the expenses for the repairs of the damaged video camera,’ stated the LRT correspondent Ruta Rybachauskene to the BAJ press-service on 2 April. 

According to the journalist, the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not received an answer to its not handed to Uladzimir Drazhyn, the Belarusian ambassador in Lithiania, either. 

The shooting crew of the Lithianian TV had accreditation in Belarus. Its members were detained at the Freedom Day action in Minsk and guarded to the Tsentralny district police department in Minsk. There a video cassette was confiscated from the detainees.

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