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Leader of Homel Entrepreneurs Is Expelled from Market

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 13 March a court marshal told Mikhail Vasilyeu, chairman of the council of entrepreneurs of the Prudkouski market, to vacate his place at the market by 24 March. Otherwise the entrepreneur will be expelled from the market with the use of force.

As the BelaPAN was informed by Vasilyeu, the ruling for annulment of the rent agreement was taken by Homel oblast economic court on 12 January 2008. A similar ruling was issued concerning the member of the entrepreneurs’ council Nadzeya Aivazava. Later the Supreme Court abolished the latter ruling, and the entrepreneurs continued working at the market.

The conflict of the entrepreneurs’ council with the administration dates back to March 2007, when the rent tariffs were increased. The council did not agree with the boost of the rent and declared it illegal. The entrepreneurs have spent about a year already, trying to prove their rightness in the courts of different levels.

On 11 March the council of entrepreneurs addressed the president’s administration concerning the eviction of the chairman M.Vasilyeu. In the address it is stated that the annulment of the rent contract to Vasilyeu is a gross violation of president’s decree #148, where it is stated that contracts to chairpersons of entrepreneurs’ councils can be annulled in the case these persons are deprived of the business licenses or systematically don’t pay the rent.

M.Vasilyeu believes that the annulment of the rent agreement demonstrates the wish of the market administration to do away with the entrepreneurs’ council which openly struggles for the rights of those who work at the market. According to Vasilyeu, at present about 50 entrepreneurs pay the rent according to the old tariff, thusly expressing their disagreement to increase of the rent for their working places.

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