Homel oblast and Homel City Military Committees Refuse to Suspend Military Service for Zhaleznichenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Judge of the court of Savetski district of Homel Yury Zhorau suspended execution of the decision of Homel city draft commission concerning calling up for military service for a regular term of Zmitser Zhaleznichenka. Zhaleznichenka was an A-student who had been expelled from university for the second time.

It is worth mentioning that the decision to call up Zmitser for military service was suspended by court on 1 February. However, his mother Ala Zhaleznichenka was informed about it only on 8 February. It means that the democratic activist was to be at home for a week already. Meanwhile, in Zhlobin military unit where Zmitser is serving, the woman was said that they were unaware about the ruling of the court, Nasha Niva informs.

Representatives of the military unit say that they cannot exempt the guy from military service, until the decision of Homel military enlistment office received.

Earlier Zmitser’s mother Ala Zhaleznichenka on behalf of her son sent a complaint to the court against illegal actions of the draft commission. Zmitser had a right for deferment. He wasn’t able to challenge his second expulsion from F.Skaryna Homel State University. Besides, Zmitser was called up to the military service when he was getting medical treatment for arterial hypertension.