“Niasvizhski Chas” collects signatures

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The editorial team of the regional newspaper Niasvizhski Chas collects signatures of the readers under a petition to Tatsiana Navosha, head of Niasvizh department of “Minskablsayuzdruk” state distribution company, with the request to continue the contract for selling the newspaper in the city kiosks.


“In the petition, which our readers sign, we speak about violation of their constitutional rights for receiving information”, -- chief editor of Niasvizhski Chas Aliaksei Bely told BAJ press service. The head of the department did not even respond to the official letter of the editorial tem sent in December last year.


In the end of 2007 Niasvizh department of “Minskablsayuzdruk” refused to continue the contract for distribution of the newspaper with the publisher of the newspaper – “IntexPress-Region” company.


Last year a number of shops, which belonged to the state-owned company “Niasvizhski Harkharchpramhandal”, refused to sell the newspaper. Now they sell the official state-owned district newspaper – “Niasvizhskiya Naviny”.


Our newspaper used to be sold in 22 shops, now only 7 are left. Certainly, that had an impact on the circulation. Last year we sold 2, 070 copies, and now it is limited only to 1,000”, -- A. Bely pointed out. He stressed, members of the editorial team sell the newspaper themselves, having concluded contracts with the “IntexPress-Region”.


The editor-in-chief is convinced, all decisions about cooperation of the local state-owned companies with the newspaper, are made on the level of the district administration. He met with the heads of Niasvizh district executive committee, but the meetings were not fruitful. On the inquiry made by BAJ, head of the local administration Ihar Makar said he did not hinder the newspaper from development.    



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