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Entrepreneurs to strike after negotiations with authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Leaders of entrepreneurs’ movement confirmed their intention to demand canceling of the decree №760 by strike after the meeting with officials.

As Viktar Harbachou, one of the leaders of entrepreneurs, said to the Charter’97 press center that besides Anatol Paulovich, organiser of the meeting, head of the governmental commission on industry, fuel and energy complex, transportation, communications, and enterprise, the officials in the rank of deputy ministers from all ministries interested in the issue were present at the meeting.

But according to him, the entrepreneurs heard just promises, not concrete proposals on probable solving the problem. “Our officials seem to be confused and don’t know how to solve the present situation. But we declared clearly that until the authorities take the concrete steps, we are not going to retreat,” the entrepreneur stressed.

According to him, the action of protest of entrepreneurs on 10 December hasn’t been organized in vain, the authorities assured that entrepreneurs can act in concert.

In this connection Viktar Harbachou confirmed the entrepreneurs are going to stop their work from 1 to 15 January. If within this time the authorities don’t take any concrete acts on changing the legal basis for entrepreneurial work, entrepreneurs will be ready to more radical acts.

It should be reminded the main requirements of entrepreneurs are canceling the discriminating decree № 760 of 29 December 2006, stop of legal prosecution of entrepreneurs for expressing their views and fulfillment of 12 offers of the EU by the government, including respect the rights of Belarusian citizens to impartial judicial system and the rights for entrepreneurial activity without excessive intervention by the authorities.

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