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Will political prisoner Finkevich be released in December?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

A criminal case against one of the leaders of the Young Front Artur Finkevich has been submitted to the court of Kastrychnitski district of Mahiliou. It is expected that the court trial is to start in two weeks headed by judge Krachyk.

Artur Finkevich is charged with violation of the regime while serving the sentence in the corrective labor facility in Maholyou, Radio Svaboda informs.

Since June 29, 2006 he is to serve the sentence for making political graffiti. This December the political prisoner is to be released.

Artur is kept in a remand prison, and he is to be taken to the court under convoy of armed guards. If his sentence would be substituted by the one with harsher conditions, the Young Front member could be imprisoned for up to three years.

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