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Katsiaryna Salauyova: «It Resembled Criminal Series»

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Katsiaryna Salauyova, Young Front activist, was detained in Polatsak on Sunday night. The girl was caught by unknown people in civvies and taken to a police department by force. The victim tells the details of her detainment to the Young Front press service.

“I was going to an appointment, when I was passing by the building of the Polatsak City Executive Committee, some men in civvies run out suddenly, they stroke me down to the ground without any explanations, hit me several times, searched my bag, found a spray paintcan there and painted my jacket!

It resembled a criminal series: they held me down until a police car drove up. Only later, in the police department I learnt that I was accused of making graffiti “Young Front! Nobody can stop us!”, which had been drawn on Polatsak City Committee yet some days before.

As a result I spent about 5 hours in the police department, they confiscated all my belongings, drew up a report, by the way they re-wrote it several times, and in the end they didn’t show it me. There were some KGB agents in the department, they suggested me to have an unofficial appointment the next day, but I refused.

I was said at university, the deanery received a telephone call from the KGB with the request to expel me, but I don’t miss classes, so there can’t be a formal order for expel. Of course, I’m going to complain about the people, who detained me. By the way, some days ago, Ales Krutkin was detained at the same place according to a similar plan. He was accused of “damaging the state property,” too, the trial is to take place in some weeks,” Katsiaryna Salauyova says.

Besides, the girl said, she was threatened to open a criminal case against her, because unknown persons removed a red-green flag from the Polatsak prosecutor’s office and burnt it there.

It should be reminded that a white-red-white flag was hung out above the Polatsak City Committee for 3 times within the last month, and more than a hundred of graffiti “Young Front”, “Long Live Belarus!”, “Freedom for political Prisoners” and others were made in the city.

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