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Policemen Read «Ordinary President»

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On November, 26, KGB investigator Aliaksei Shahinau returned the computer, confiscated from Svetlahorsk dweller Sviatlana Mikhalchanka a month ago.

“Some days ago chief of the local KGB department Alexander Praliatkouski gave me my other belongings back, which had been taken away earlier. They said they had sent a system unit to Homel for check-up. Shahinau carried it to me and expressed his regret at me having problems because of that story,” Bulletin online quotes Mikhalchanka.

Mikhalchanka worked as a schoolmaster before retirement, now she is an active foe to canceling of social guaranties for pensioners, handicapped and youth. On October, 14, when the European March was held in Minsk, police detained the woman in the street and took her to a district police department, where she was said they called her up as a witness. Than the policemen and the KGB agents came to her apartment with her to search it on the pretence of looking for a laptop, stolen from a man, who was practically unknown to the woman.

They didn’t find a laptop during the search, but took away a system unit of a desktop computer, publications and documents of the party of communists, whose member is Mikhalchanka.

“After the search I sent complaints, I insisted that everything should be given back. At the time being they haven’t given back only some books, among them “Ordinary President.” They said the police are reading the books,” Sviatlana Mikhalchanka said.