Alexander Kazulin Saw His Grandson

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Three-days meeting of Alexander Kazulin and his relatives ended on Tuesday. His wife Iryna, daughters Volha and Yulia, and his grandson visited the colony “Vitba-3”.

According to Volha, Alexander Kazulin, has already got used to life in the colony, unlike the previous meetings. He was in high spirits, very cheerful, he even prepared a number of comments concerning the latest events in the country, Volha Kazulina told the Charter’97 press center.

Volha quotes her father: “Prison is prison. Our prisons only cripple people. However, it’s very difficult to get used to a thought that you are not free, so I had a feeling that time has stopped,” the political prisoner said during the meeting with his relatives.

The main thing that makes anxious the relatives of the political prisoner is state of his health. According to Volha, “his health is bad, he is sleepy and tired all the time, sometimes it’s difficult to read for him. He feels sick of prison meal, so he used his visits of the canteen as walking. He eats in general what we send him. For example, his daily meal is egg, some cheese, milk if possible,” Volha Kazulina told the Charter’97 press center.

According to her, there is no normal healthy food in a prison shop. “If there were some fruit and vegetables in summer, now there are no such products. We weren’t allowed to pass an extra ten of eggs because of excess weight. But father doesn’t pay attention to it, he has already got used to ascetism,” Volha says.

The most unpleasant, as the politician himself and his relatives think, is the moral atmosphere, created by the prison administration around Alexander Kazulin. “There are 76 people in brigade, 17-18 people live in the same block with him, but he doesn’t socialize with them. Not because he doesn’t want. Because the administration is constantly organizing explanatory conversations with prisoners. Those, who were noted in “banned” communication, are transferred to other brigades or punished, so father tries not to speak with prisoners in order not to make problems for them,” Volha said.

On the question of the Charter’97 press center if the relatives of Alexander Kazulin have hope for an amnesty, his daughter Volha said “the decision of Kazulin’s amnesty depends on only one person – Lukashenka. The prison administration just performs the orders from above. If Lukashenka says, it will be amnesty, but we have no hopes for it,” Volha says.


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