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Press secretary of United Civil Party «invited» to KGB

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Proposal “just to talk” was too compulsive. Katsiaryna Tkachenka received a call on her mobile phone, the number was hidden. A man introduced himself as a KGB agent and invited her to a conversation. He claimed the conversation would be unofficial, that’s why he didn’t summon her officially. Katsiaryna Tkachenka said from the very beginning: “Send summons and I’ll come.”

But the KGB agent insisted on unofficial character of the meeting. . Katsiaryna answered: “I’ll come if I have summons, which states officially, when and for what purpose I am called.” “But if the summons are sent and you don’t come, you will be forced to come by police,” the investigator explained.

In his intention to have an informal appointment the KGB agent tried to suggest talking in a café or at home (his or Katsiaryna’s). Tkachenka politely refused all options.

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