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Concert of Neuro Dubel Banned

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 15 November the presentation of Stasi, a new album by a well-known Belarusian band Neuro Dubel was to have taken place at Fortuna club in Minsk. As said by the lead singer Aliaksandr Kulinkovich, ‘the club got a phone call from Partyzanski district executive committee of Minsk and then some KGB agents came’.


‘Addressing the people who came to listen to the band, Kulinkovich said: ‘Don’t worry. I do not know how we will perform yet. We will live and work. We won’t kick a bucket, that’s for sure. We have no such plans, though they would like us to have some.’


What concerns the name of the album, Kulinkovich said: ‘Stasi was the secret service of the former DDR. It was unseen, but nevertheless existed. It reflects the situation of Neuro Dubel in Belarus.’


Bear in mind, that Neuro Dubel and a number of other bands and musicians faced troubles after participation in a concert after an opposition meeting related to the 10th anniversary of Lukashenka’s presidency.

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