Mahiliou: Does Belarusian TV Prepare New Film about Opposition?

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On 13 November the shooting crew of the Belarusian TV consisting of a cameraman Vasil Lasenkou and a journalist Alena Bardzikouskaya wanted to take an interview from a student of Mahiliou State University. However, the methods of their work arise some questions.


A first-year student of the historical faculty Ivan Spiryn was summonsed to the dean’s office. There he was met by two people in mufti. They did not hide their relation to secret services and insistently advised Spiryn to answer some questions of the TV correspondents. During the interview the reasons of this pressurization became clear: the questions concerned Spiryn’s study in Poland on Kalinouski program. Having spent two semesters at Torun University Spiryn had to return home for family reasons.


Though the fellow did not say anything serious to the journalist, now he is afraid of possible provocative sketches on the TV in which his words could be used out of context. This is really possible, as it was Lasenkou, who on 9 November filmed the democratic activists and diplomats who came to support a political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich at a trial. Most probably, Belarusian TV prepares a new ‘thriller’ about the Belarusian opposition.


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