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Revenge to Entrepreneur

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On 6 November Maladzechna district court fined a local entrepreneur Mikalai Apiationak 3,1 million rubles. 

The matter is that three years ago the entrepreneur helped to publish information about the apartment the chair of Maladzechna State Control Committee Dzina Hromava was building in the center of the town for free. 

As a result of the scandal that was raised by this publication, the official was deprived of the apartment. Then the state control committee started hounding Apiatsionak. 

In summer 2007 one of the entrepreneur’s shops underwent a regular check-up. Some trifle violations were found. However, the following day the controllers reported that Apiatsionak assaulted them with a knife.

Though the accusation had no witnesses, and more than ten workers of the shop witnessed that nothing of the kind had happened during the check-up, the court took the side of the officials and fined the entrepreneur. The maximal punishment he could receive was 5 years of jail. 

‘Most probably, soon Minsk oblast court will have to consider our cassation complaint’, commented Mikalai Apiatsionak after the trial. ‘Why do I have to pay if I haven’t committed anything? It is just revenge…’.

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