Uladzimir Siarheyeu Fined 20 Basic Units

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Young Front activist Uladzimir Siarheyeu received a court verdict about administrative responsibility in conjunction with events on September 10th in Baranavichy.

That day the trial over local YF leader Yaraslau Hryshchenia began. Siarheyeu, together with his friends and colleagues, came to support Hryshchenia, but was detained on his way to court building. People in training suits simply blocked his way, said they were police officers and demanded his documents. When the guy refused to execute their orders, unexpectedly “real” policemen came and dragged him to the car together with the “sportsmen”. U. Siarheyeu showed his documents to the people in uniform, but they detained him anyway.  Deputy head of Baranavichy city police department yelled at the guy, and threatened him with physical reprisal. By the way, later he was the person who managed the “operation” of detention of all young people, who gathered near the court building to support Hryshchenia.

Siarheyeu filed a complaint against illegal actions of police officers. However, the authorities gave him the runaround: “we have not established violations by police officers”. Instead, the police report said that police officer D. Charniauski demanded from the young man to shpw his documents many times, but he refused. The police officer said the reason for his actions was suspicion that Siarheyeu was a participant of the unauthorized rally near court building, although the guy was still 100 meters away.

On September 27th judge V. Kushava heard the case and, despite the absurdity of the situation, fined the Young Front member 20 basic units (about 300 US dollars).







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