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Political Prisoner Andrei Klimau’s Health Gets Worse

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Political prisoner Andrei Klimau writes in a letter from prison that he is really missing information from outside. The political prisoner asks his friends and indifferent people to send letters to him. Andrei Klimau expressed his request in a letter to former political prisoner Valer Levaneuski. “He asks everybody to correspond with him, and sends his best regards, -- Valer Levaneuski says, -- he has an ill heart, he’s got a cold, he is really suffering in the medical ward. Only two people in the room are not smokers. The rest smoke all the time and there is not enough air to breathe.  He writes, he didn’t really believe that he would be imprisoned for such a thing as an article in the internet, and only now he has realized that. He asks to write him as much as possible, he is missing information from outside. ”

Andrei Klimau was sentenced to two years in a high security prison for an anti-governmental article in the internet. The trial was closed for public, that is why many details of the trial are unknown.

You can write to Andrei Klimau at:


247760 Homel region

Mazyr, IK-20, Klimau, Andrei Yauhenavich  


Andrei Klimau is serving his third term since the late nineties. Klimau spent 6 years behind bars during Lukashenka regime. He is recognized a prisoner of conscience.

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