Krystsina Shatsikava to Sue Belarusian Television

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Well-known opposition activist Krystsina Shatsikava is going to sue the Belarusian Television company. Besides that, she plans to complain about the principal of the school where her children go to, and the administration of the psychiatric hospital where she was kept during detention this spring.


Moreover, recently Krystsina Shatsikava received a letter from the Ministry of Health where it admits the fact that she was detained with violation of the law.


The piece on Belarusian Television Krystsina is going to complain about, was part of the Panorama Weekly program. The author of the video Yury Prakopau claimed Shatsikava neglects her two children who are deprived of her care and live with their grandparents in Mahiliou. The author claimed, Krystsina had no time for her kids because she took part in every action organized by the opposition forces. The author states the kids behave in a weird way, and expresses doubts about psychic health of the activist.


In the interview to Radio Racyja Krystsina explained her decision to sue BTV: “”The things they showed are not true!”. For example, they said that my younger son behaved inadequately and missed classes. This is absolutely not true, he is a straight-A student!”


Krystsina has no illusions about the court hearing: “”I know that I will not get a positive result out of it immediately. However, I hope our country will not be a dictatorship in the future. Then all people who violated the law, will bear responsibility”



Krystsina does not know the answer, why BTV wanted to make her a “hero” of one of its programs. She just reminds that it saw light right before the European march.


“”If they wanted to stop me from participating, this is stupid. Vice versa, it made me even more convinced in the rightness of my choice”.  

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