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Employers Are Fined for Refusal to Employ Immoral Parents

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The state enterprises are unable to refuse from employing the parents whose children have been alienated. That’s why such people are employed as apprentices with the wages of 160 – 180 000 rubles ($74 – 84). 

Some of the ‘forcibly employed’ do not have the necessary documents. Usually they are not eager to work because they have not worked for a long time. However, enterprises have no right to fire them because of the presidential decree. 

In Vitsebsk two duty officials have been already fined 600 000 rubles ($279) for refusing to employ such workers. Vitsebsk employment center informed the European Radio that these employers would be punished again the case of repeated refusal, because according to presidential decree #18 the parents whose children are raised by the state must pay for it from their wages.