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Nasta Azarka Fined again

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On 3 October Niasvizh district court fined an activist of the democratic youth opposition Anastasiya Azarka 961 000 Belarusian rubles (about 447 US dollars) for alleged hooliganism. 

The matter is that on 25 August in Niasvizh Azarka was detained together with Aliaksandr Dubski, Aliaksandr Zhukau and Anastasiya Palazhanka while making graffiti ‘Belarus Is Sacred’. The policemen accused them in hooliganism. The detainees had to spend a night at Niasvizh district police department and then were released. 

‘It seems to me that Niasvizh authorities decided to finish Anastasiya off. They have found her guilty of hooliganism. She has already received a summons to the local housing community for 4 October. Another administrative report against her will be considered there. There’s also information about one more report that has been drawn on her for unknown reasons,’ commented Pavel Seviarynets in his interview with the BelaPAN

Bear in mind that on 4 September Niasvizh district court found Anastasiya Azarka guilty of an unregistered organization Young Front (article 173.1 of the Criminal Code) and fined her 1 240 000 rubles (about 577 US dollars).

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