Deputy Chair of BPF Warned about Criminal Responsibility

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On Friday Ales Mikhalevich, deputy chairperson of BPF Party, received an official warning about inadmissibility of violation of the law from Minsk city prosecutor’s office. Prosecutor’s office staff tried to give the warning to Mikhalevich last Wed.nesday, but the politician refused to take it, because it was written in Russian. Mikhalevich claimed he didn’t understand the text. This time the document was written in Belarusian.

The warning says: “The prosecutor’s office of Minsk city has been informed that you are going to organize and participate in activities of unregistered youth organization Belarusian Students Association”, Nasha Niva reports.

In December 2001 the Supreme Court of Belarus ruled to shut down BSA. All attempts to appeal against the decision were fruitless.

The warning was signed by deputy prosecutor of Minsk A. Stuk. He signed similar warnings to youth activists Yauhen Ivaniuk, Nastassia Shamarei, and Nadzeya Mantsevich.

Ales Mikhalevich believes he received the warning because BSA used to have an office in his private apartment. “I guess KGB is preparing a criminal case similar to the one against Young Front. Now they are held back by some negotiations with the European Union, but I am not sure, how long that can last”, -- Ales Mikhalevich says.