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Mahiliou Donors Receive Answer from Chamber of Representatives

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Mr. Kamianetski, the chair of the commission on labor, social defense, cases of veterans and disabled informed Mahiliou donors that the proposal of the commission to preserve benefits for certain categories of citizens was not introduced into the law on benefits.

The leader of the informal association of Mahiliou donors Ihar Kavalenka stated that the answer of the Chamber of Representatives is a usual come-off, which would not influence their decision to hold an action of protest.

The donors intend to start a preventive strike on 20 June. According to Mr. Kavalenka, about 100 donors are ready to join it.

The complaint of the donors was filed to the Chamber f Representatives on 19 May, was received on 22 May and on 23 May the Chamber of Representatives almost unanimously supported the repeal of benefits.

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