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Another Mass Burial in near Homel?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

In a wood near Homel the soldiers of the special search batallion 52 are digging the mass burial of killed people.

As the batallion soldiers said to BelaPAN, they received information about the burial from the local dwellers. One of the soldiers said that more than 20 bodies have been already found, and it is planned to exhume another 40. According to the batallion commandant, there were no cartridge cases in the place, that’s why it was impossible to find out who shot the people.

However, the public activists Andrei Melnikau and Kanstantsin Zhukouski, who came to the place of the excavations before their beginning, said to BelaPAN that there were many cartridge cases, probably Soviet ones. It means that peaceful people could be shot there between 1930 and 1940 by NKVD. ‘Such burials are also found in Kurapaty wood near Minsk. It was not the way German soldiers worked – to bury about 20 people in one large hole, as it has been done here’, Andrei Melnikau pointed. ‘It’s well known that during Stalin’s rule fusillades were performed in these woods. However, in the 1990-ies the official sources assured that criminals, not political prisoners were burried there. The batallion commandant says there were no cartridge cases in the grave, but yesterday we made a video and many photos of such cartridges. May be, somebody still wants to conceal the truth and accuse the German soldiers in all sins?’, the activists ask.

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