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State TV Pays Interest to Prayer House of Evangelic

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 1 June a group of journalists of the state channel ONT paid a visit to the prayer house in Dolhinauski Trackt, where the priest of Pentacostal church Antoni Bokun served masses and the priest of St. John the Forerunner Church Yaroslaw Lukasik was detained.

According to Maryia Savushkina from ‘Christian Human Rights House’ the TV crew made videoshots in the house without any permission. It is not known yet how they managed to get inside. Possibly, soon the Belarusian TV will demonstrate a new horror film about the activity of Evangelic Christian churches in Belarus, thus justifying the persecution of Christian priests by the Belarusian authorities.

Bear in mind that on 30 May the administrative commission of Tsentralny police department of Minsk fined the priest Yaroslaw Lukasik 160 000 rubles (about 75 US dollars) and deprived of the right to come to Belarus for the next five years. The priest’s family, who lives in Belarus, appealed the verdict which makes the priest leave Belarus and breaks the family.

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