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Attack in BSU Student Quarter

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Yesterday’s protest “No to repeal of benefits!” in the campus of the Belarusian State University near Independence Square ended in detention of two persons and attack of two people in mufti on a girl. Her name is Tatsyana Tsishkevich.

During the rally Tatsyana was among the participants. After protesters disbanded, two people in mufti attacked her. As Tatsyana told to the Charter’97 press-center, they started to grab her hands, neck, and tried to drag her somewhere forcibly.

“I was scared naturally, and started to shout for help. Luckily, passers-by reacted to my shout immediately, and the hooligans had to go away,” the girl said.

It is most likely that these were riot policemen or KGB men. Tatsyana escaped with bruises on her hands, her neck is terribly aching. The girl is sure that this case shouldn’t be left without attention. “An attack on a girl in a BSU student quarter in the face of day! It’s an outrageous situation. I will address to a police department and prosecutor’s office for identification and punishment of people who had attacked me,” Tatsyana Tsishkevich said.

As we have informed, yesterday after the “chamber of representatives” adopted a bill on annulment of benefits, several dozens of students with posters gathered in front of the House of government on Independence Square in Minsk. Policemen in mufti who where on duty near the House of government, seized the posters and then started to detain activists. Young activists Yana Mikhailova and Mikalay Korshunau are to stand trial today. A report for violation of the Article 23.34 (“violation of rules of mass events holding”) had been drawn against them.

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