Milinkevich Addresses Chairman of Hrodna Executive Committee

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The leader of the democratic forces of Belarus Aliaksandr Milinkevich as sent an open letter to the chairman of Hrodna executive committee Aliaksandr Antonenka with a request to stop ‘redesign’ of Hrodna old town. ‘I am ready to take an active part in development of the modern program of revival of the historic part of Hrodna and development of a project of restoration of architecture monuments. I have an opportunity to invite best experts and restorers of Europe for this work. I offer cooperation for the good of our much loved city.’

’Our city is the only city in Belarus where historic buildings have survived. The whole complex of the old city is important and not just separate monuments of architecture. Today we have a good chance to include Hrodna on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. After the ‘reconstruction’ this chance would be virtually lost,’ Aliaksandr Milinkevich writes.

The laureate of Sakharov’s prize underlines that monuments of architecture in Hrodna need restoration, and not reconstruction.

’A term ‘restoration’, and not ‘reconstruction’ (rebuilding) should be used for our old town. I am overwhelmed by pain of possible losing the symbol of Hrodna, Kalozha church of the 12th century. Its reconstruction would be a crime. The church needs scientific restoration. An attempt to rebuild its destroyed part as an imitation of ancient walls would in fact destroy the unique monument of Belarusian architecture. Kalozha needs transparent restoration. The new wall should differ from the existing one by its texture and material. Only in this case the church would retain the status of a monument of European importance.’

Aliaksandr Milinkevich draws attention of Hrodna city executive committee chairman to the evaluation of his activities by future generations.

’Dear Aliaksandr, the time, history and future generations are to give evaluation to your activities as the chairman of Hrodna city executive committee. My sincere wish is for you not to be known in history as a mayor-destroyer. There is nothing worse than the fame of Herostratus.’