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Hrodna Customs Officers Confiscate Newspapers of Polish Trade Union of Miners

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

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On 4 May officers of Hrodna customs office confiscated from the activist of Belarusian Independent Trade Union Aliaksandr Tkachou 281 copies of the newspaper of the Polish trade union of miners Solidarnosc Gurnicza (Miners’ Solidarity), which contained an article about the meeting of Belarusian and Polish miners that took place in March in Salihorsk. During the meeting the Independent Trade Union of Miners and the Polish Trade Union of Miners signed a cooperation agreement. As said by Aliaksandr Tkachou, at first the officers took one copy of the newspaper for reading. Soon they returned and composed a confiscation report. They said to Mr. Tkachou that according to decree #57 On restriction of loads trafficking the newspapers were to have been transported by a truck. According to the activist, the newspapers weigh about 5 kilos only.

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