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Riot Police Stop Wheelchair Invalids near President’s Administration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”


Today riot police in three vehicles arrived to the President’s Administration building where wheelchair invalids participating in the action of protest had arrived earlier. The policemen announced to the march participants that it was not an admission day today; they also explained that the building was at safety procedure and it is prohibited to gather in its vicinity.

It is to be mentioned that today the meeting of wheelchair invalids has been held in Bangalore Square. Around 60 participants approved the appeal to Aliaksandr Lukashenka. The head of the state is requested to stop the genocide of disabled. They speak against introduction of amendments into the law On social security of invalids in the Republic of Belarus. The action participants are certain that probable amendments to the law may deteriorate the invalids’ life conditions and make them unprotected and unsecured.

According to RFE/RL, after the action the wheelchair invalids drove to the President’s Administration. They wanted to submit the appeal adopted at the meeting. The head of the national association of invalids Siarhei Drazdouski reported that a part of the meeting participants drove towards President’s Administration in their cars. In the vicinity of the Kastrychnitskaya Square the on-road inspection blocked those cars and didn’t let them to the Administration.

The policemen warned the wheelchair invalids that for participation in the unsanctioned march they would be administratively punished. The staff of the ministry for local affairs ordered the people to move to the sidewalks .The march participants obeyed.

Nevertheless, the special regiment blocked the wheelchair invalids near the circus. They were ordered to turn off Nezalezhnastsi Avenue, but moved through the police cordon to the President’s Administration.

Finally 5 action participants were allowed to the reception of the President’s Administration where they submitted their petition. It is remarkable that their first attempt to enter the building failed, the door was too narrow for wheel chairs and the wheel chairs could not move through the door. To open the second fold of the door the carpenter was sent for.

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