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Soldier Lost His Spleen in Belarusian Army

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Vitsebsk inter-garrison prosecutor’s office brought a criminal lawsuit against a junior sergeant of the 103rd mobile brigade. A 20 year-old guy gave such a severe beating to his army- mate of the same age that the doctors had to extract the injured guy’s spleen. The injured will not return to the army.

If his offender continues military service he will do that at a special disciplinary military regiment. The 103rd mobile brigade located in Vitsebsk is considered to be an elite regiment.

Practically in all their public speeches the brigade’s high command stress that the draftees are selected to the brigade according to their physical as well as moral qualities. Soldiers of the 103rd mobile brigade often prevented crimes, saved drowning men, detained violators. But it even in elite regiments the non-prescribed relations happen.

Moreover, the aggrieved didn’t admit his been bitten. The guilty was found in the course of investigation by the military public prosecutor’s office and military counterintelligence service of the Committee of the State Security.

The officials can’t find out what was the reason of the junior sergeant beating the soldier. According to the Vitsebsk inter-garrison prosecutor’s office the investigation is to be continued until 1 June. Furthermore, the investigators have to wait for the treatment of the injured soldier to be completed for examining his state of health after the treatment.

The junior sergeant has done his military service for half year more than his victim. He is from Mahiliou and his victim is from Minsk region. In a private talk one of the military men said that two versions of the case were discussed in the brigade. According to the first one, the junior sergeant struck the soldier with his feet when the latter was supposedly doing his physical exercises not very efficiently. According to the other version, the soldier refused to give the second-year soldiers money for buying cigarettes.

Moreover, the similar case happened in the 103rd mobile brigade in 2002.Then the young soldier after being severely bitten also had his spleen extracted. The other registered cases of non-prescribed relations in the elite brigade were not so serious.

They refused to make comments on the accident in the brigade. However, it has been mentioned that additional educating actions have been taken there.

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