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BPF Activists Demand Cessation of Political Repressions in Hrodna Region

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Racyja

The council of Hrodna city organization of Belarusian People’s Front applied to the chair of Hrodna regional police department Henadz Hadzko demanding to drop the practice of illegal preventative detentions and political repressions of political activists.

In the application it is said that during 2006-2007 on the territory of Hrodna region the police committed massive illegal actions against political activists including BPF members. Dozens of members of the party were imprisoned because of false violation reports and testimonies. 50 persons were arrested during the election campaign of 2006. 21 of them were BPF members. The same happened during the local election of 2007 and preparation to celebration of 25 March, Day of Freedom. The chair of Hrodna city BPF organization Vadzim Saranchukou thinks that such actions of the police are groundless and illegal.

‘The law machinery of Hrodna region systematically violate the Constitution, the law on police and other legal acts by which they must be guided in their work’, Saranchukou said. ‘The administration of the police department closes eyes to it. The police are the first ones to violeate the rights and freedoms of citizens instead of protecting them.’

The council of Hrodna city BPF organization warned Mr. Khatsko about inevitable criminal punishment of the policemen who commit illegal actions against representatives of political opposition.

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