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Architectural Monument of 18th Century, Sviatsk Palace-Park Complex Turns into Ruin

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to RFE/RL

The palace is 15 kilometers away from Hrodna, not far from the tourist zone Auhustouski water channel. The complex was twice put to auction, but was not sold.

About 1,5 years ago the sanatorium for persons ill with tuberculosis was evicted from the palace. Then the architectural monument was passed to Hrodna district executive committee. At present only the former chief doctor Tereza Heda lives in the palace and works there as a manager. There are also three guards. The palace stands without heating for about two years. Some windows are missing, the roof is rotting and the walls are falling in. The palace has only one small hall that reminds of the times when it was owned by Valovich earls, but even this hall is in a critical state now. ‘The ceilings are falling and the fireplace is falling apart as well. The state is miserable.’

Hrodna historian Ihar Trusau said that the repairs that were conducted 20 years ago, during the Soviet rule, were very casual even according to the Soviet standards. According to him, the money for capital repairs could be raised from different sources and even an international cartel could be established for it.

The deputy chair of Hrodna district executive committee Valery Klimovich knows about the situation of Sviatsk palace, but still can’t say anything concrete. ‘We are working in this direction, but still have no results’, he stated.

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